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Had a great weekend in Malta :)

August 6

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September 17

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August 5

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December 22

Managing Website Development Workflow

October 10

Simple as it sounds, one thing I’ve learnt in my career as a web designer/developer and project manager is that I always need to think before I act. All too often a project will start being built before a project proposal or definition is set. When it comes to building any type of website that has business intentions, there really are no shortcuts and progress will need to be quick and constructive.

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Wisdom is in the trees and not the glass windows

August 9

Wisdom is in the trees and not the glass windows

- Jack Johnson

Humans… It’s in our nature to relapse, build and get stronger; we cannot go through life living stage-by-stage in a linear fashion and expect to be happy, after all we live on a finite planet that keeps throwing new challenges at us. Some challenges are worth taking, some aren’t … When in doubt about a challenge and feel like the walls are closing in on you it’s your queue to move onto something that can make you happier. For me,  I’ve always thought about packing up and vagabonding my way across the big ball, when I was young I used to day dream about stuffing some belongings in a cloth that is tied to a stick and be off… this is it, I’ve finally quit my off-the-shelf lifestyle to see more of the world and it’s all by choice and very spontaneous planning.

“I don’t have money to travel”… my 2 cents: you don’t need it! no, really, and I cannot wait to prove it! A little restructuring  life can go a long way, for example I’ve decided to stop spending money on all unessential commodities and start focusing on learning new things. It’s easier said then done, a lot of people happily spend all their money and even go into debt for luxuries each week.

Travel Resources:

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Freeclimbing and Freediving Video – Summer 2010

July 21

Summer Freedom 2010 from Ian Cremona on Vimeo.

Recycled/Upcycled shelving unit

April 22

Rented an apartment in Barcelona  a couple of weeks ago and got inspired with the some furniture it had, simple and easy to build. As soon as I came back to Malta I started building this Scandinavian style shelving unit, was done in just over one night. Perfect temporary solution until I get real furniture in

1) Dismantled and de-nailed pallets, sawed them to size and sorted out the wood


2) Assembled the shelves using dowels and wood glue


3) Left the glue to dry for 3 hours


4) Attached the legs (again, with dowels and glue)




Total cost : An upcycled piece of very solid furniture for less than $10!

My Birthday Invite

January 18


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RakeMeBack Logo Draft

January 10

RakeMeBack.com Rake Me Back Poker Logo in 3Ds Max

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